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Release Notes - v0.17.0

· 2 min read

This release contains a number of changes to the internal data structures and metadata schema in preparation for a more streamlined versioning and multipart implementation. In addition to that, the UI received a number of bug fixes, quality of life improvements and a stylistic overhaul, including the logo and colorscheme. The UI also received a large number of end-to-end tests as well as an update to the Angular version.

This release is meant for testing and feedback gathering. It is not recommended for production use.

Should a bug be found and not expected to be related to the list below, one should feel encouraged to file an issue in our GitHub repository.


  • UI: Branding Support (#552)
  • UI: Upgrade to Angular 15 (#513)
  • UI: Adapt logo and style (#530)
  • UI: Various improvements


  • UI: Fix incorrect pagination when using search/filters (#559)
  • UI: Fix search function only searching a single page (#556)
  • UI: Fix redundant 'clear' buttons for search (#554)
  • UI: Fix objects with delete markers being displayed (#548)
  • Chart: Fix "unsupported protocol" bug for the COSI driver (#511)

Breaking Changes

  • On-disk format for the metadata store changed

Known Issues